Kitchen Helper Tower With Blackboard And Adjustable Height - Black & Lacquered

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✔ COLOR: Black & Lacquered

✔ STANDING TOWER - The child standing tower that lets little kids be big kids! The HAPPY TOWER Standing Tower contains style, safety, and durability!

✔ DURABLE BUILD: and stable design safely bring your toddler to counter-height to participate in cooking, cleaning, crafts, or other hands-on activities; made with high-quality Baltic plywood.

✔ADJUSTABLE PLATFORM - 3 LEVELS - The platform level adjusts to: 40cm/15,74 inches, 45cm/17,71 inches or 50cm/19.68 inches based on your preference. The standing tower allows for all kids to find the right height!

✔ ENCOURAGE YOUR KIDS: Little kids love to help and be right with grown gives an increase in the cooking place, and this is the safest way to make that Happen! A four-sided railing with 2 steps for easy climbing helps Toddlers to climb in and out of a HAPPY TOWER to build confidence and independence.

✔ SAFETY: The Tower helps to keep your child safe while helping you in the kitchen but we at all times suggest having adult supervision for the extra safety of your child. We cannot be held responsible for accidents.

✔ QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The HAPPY TOWER has been designed with the guiding principles of hands-on learning in mind, bringing children to counter height to encourage exploration, independence, and interaction with parents and older siblings. Happy Tower active standing stool is made of fine high-quality wood. Plywood is also a safe and environmentally friendly material, evidenced by the following certificates: CE, PEFSC, and FSC.


  • Overall height - 90cm / 35,43 inches
  • Adjustable Platform - 3 Levels:
    1 - Level 40cm/15,74 inches
    2 - Level 45cm/17,71 inches
    3 - Level 50cm/19.68 inches

✔ Suggested age from 15 m+

✔ Material: 15 mm high-quality birch plywood.

✔ Safely bears weight up to 80 kg

✔ The coating has a certificate meeting EU toy safety chemical requirements as per DIN EN 71-3.

✔ HAPPY TOWER is delivered in a disassembled state. The assembly manual will be attached and the screwdriver included.

✔ SHIPPING: We offer worldwide shipping. If you cannot find your country on our shipping list, please contact us and we will ensure all the shipping information providing to you.

✔ Intellectual property patent registration No. 008456073-0003

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